Amber Lowry

Owner / Solution Architect

Workday® Expertise: 7 years / Global Deployments

Beginning her career at Workday® HQ, Amber was a core HCM, Advanced Reporting, and Security Lead. She then transitioned to a Workday® Partner diversifying her skillset and gaining additional certifications in Compensation, Integrations, Benefits, Recruiting, and Project Management. Armed with a deep intelligence across the technical and functional aspects of the system, Amber began expanding her HCM business knowledge as a permanent employee in leadership at Coca-Cola and Halyard Health/Kimberly-Clark.

Whether you’re developing a product with Workday®, implementing with a Certified Partner, or struggling in support as an end-client user, Amber’s been in your shoes. It is from this unique perspective that she built Syssero Inc. in 2016.

7 Class 5 Rapids Conquered

Animal Advocate - 27 rescued and placed

2 Hours of Flight School