Amber Lowry

CEO, Co-Owner, & Workday® Solution Architect

Amber began working with Workday® nearly 10 years ago at Workday® itself. Following that experience, she interacted with the product from the perspective of a consulting partner, end client, and independent consultant. Being able to view the solution from all angles and understanding the unmet needs of organizations of all sizes led her to create Syssero.

Amber founded Syssero to help Workday® clients get the most out of their solution. Through Amber’s leadership, Syssero is ensuring client success through transparency, comprehensive training, and honesty at the outset of every project. Despite Syssero’s rapid growth, Amber still communicates directly with every single client to ensure the company’s mission is being lived up to across all projects.

The aspect of her job she enjoys the most is tackling new challenges. Each new client has a fresh set of goals, and that diversity allows Amber and the entire Syssero team to utilize their full skill sets to solve problems. 

When not creating Workday® solutions for clients, Amber is passionate about education. She volunteers at schools across her area to teach the next generation that learning can be fun and empowering, whether you’re 5 or 85.

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