Permanent Placement


A unique service offering and uncommon strength of Syssero is our ability to identify and vet the best candidates to join your internal Workday® team. When it comes time to add to your local headcount, turn to a team with years of experience scrutinizing résumés and conducting interviews in a hot skills market saturated by misleading applicants.


The best way to find exceptionally qualified candidates is not through job search engines and professional social media platforms; it’s by leveraging a vast network of expert connections. Syssero offers one of the largest, most qualified national networks of Workday® consultants as well as employees looking for permanent opportunities.

Let us help you cut through the noise and find your ideal candidates.


Our internal talent department is uniquely gifted at discerning Workday® capabilities versus Workday® exposure. If you think you’ve found an option, or if we provided suggestions, our team can handle that next step of vetting their qualifications, work history, and working knowledge.

We require end-client manager references who have intimate knowledge of your candidate's system capabilities and gaps. We then vet the skill of your candidate directly through our consulting subject matter experts, thus maximizing your confidence in consideration.