Managed Services


Managing Workday® internally isn’t suited for all businesses right off the bat. When expanding businesses need a flexible, long-term solution, they turn to Syssero’s managed services. When we assign resources to a client, they are assigned exclusively to that client. That means you receive expert service from a team member who is learning your business inside & out and is here for the long haul.

What’s unique about Syssero’s managed services is that we are a partner, not a vendor. From day one, we are helping you work towards a point when your internal team is capable of handling the complexities of Workday® themselves. In practice, that means we’re preparing documentation and looking for ways to scale back your engagement with our support team as you work towards total ownership.

We offer two unique options for managed services, our Access Plan, and our Ally Plan. Additionally, a hybrid plan is available through Syssero sales representatives.

Access Model

For clients looking to outsource support tickets, stabilize functionality, or continually refine processes, we recommend the Access Model. To engage with the Access Model, clients choose a tier of service based on their estimated monthly need. Unused tickets/hours rollover month-to-month.

Access Model

Resolution Documentation

Syssero is the only Workday® organization that requires step-by-step instructions with screenshots to mark a ticket resolved. Over the lifetime of our engagement with a client, their playbook of documentation specific to their environment grows, allowing for seamless knowledge transfer for HRIS team expansion or turnover protection.

Access Model

Dedicated Resources

Our resources are never re-assigned mid-project based on the needs of Syssero. Rather than treating support as a training opportunity for our team, we exclusively assign senior-level talent that will be dedicated to you throughout the duration of your AMS agreement.

Access Model

Ticket Transparency

We’re dedicated to transparency. Clients are able to track progress through clear status definitions, real-time notifications, and expanded obstacle notations every step of the way.

Access Model

Availability & Accessibility

Our subject matter experts are committed to no more than two Access Model clients at a time, less than half the standard practice of a Workday® Partner. Additionally, the entire Syssero consulting team is at your disposal for specific one-off needs, allowing you to leverage the strength of our entire organization at a moment’s notice.

Bronze Level

20 Hours

10 tickets


Silver Level

40 Hours

20 Tickets


Gold Level

80 Hours

40 Tickets


Platinum Level

120 Hours

60 Tickets


Ally Model

For clients who require long-term, near-full-time hours from a Syssero subject matter expert or a full-time permanently placed resource, we have the Ally Model. This model is ideal for those who need to routinely execute Workday® projects or augment internal skill gaps.

Consultant SME

$160 - $180
per hour

Selected by Client

40 - 160

Onsite Capabilities

Permanent Placement

Temporary to
Permanent Option
Identify & Vet

20% Annualized Salary

Hybrid Model

Many businesses have to balance routine Workday® maintenance tasks and occasional robust Workday® projects. For those clients, we create a customized hybrid support plan based on the above models. With the Hybrid Model, clients get the dedicated subject matter expert of the Ally Model to handle large projects and fill skill gaps without adding to the internal headcount AND monthly support tickets & hours to outsource routine maintenance tasks.

Silver-Level Access Support

40 Hours of Support


Subject Matter Expert Ally Support

120 Hours/Month
Onsite Project Work

Hand-Selected For
Specific Project Needs