Launch Enhancement Assistance Program (LEAP)


Workday®’s Launch implementation methodology is an ideal solution for many medium-sized enterprises, as it accommodates both cost constraints and tight timelines. Unfortunately, when Launch clients receive their end product, it often lacks the necessary documentation, paid-for features, complete integration setup, and unique-to-client functionality anticipated by the organization.

Enter LEAP, the only Workday® implementation assistance program designed specifically for Launch clients. We’ve analyzed Workday® Launch contracts, and through real-world support, we have codified a process to address critical gaps the Launch methodology overlooks. Syssero has designed a custom framework to address these gaps, giving you all the bells and whistles that made you choose Workday® in the first place. Then we empower your people to truly own the solution with extensive custom documentation and knowledge transfer.

How LEAP Works

As soon as your Workday® Launch project is completed, LEAP can begin. LEAP engagements are typically three-month partnerships that result in an efficient, effective Workday® solution.

Our senior-level team begins by auditing your current solution and gaining a comprehensive understanding of your build/needs. We will then strengthen your Workday® configuration, integrations, and reporting capabilities to meet those needs - all the while providing you with detailed documentation and training on critical processes unique to your business.

After the three-month partnership, you’ll have the functionality you hoped for and a playbook of your environment for ongoing internal maintenance.

What LEAP Unlocks

Whether you have functionality you’ve paid for but isn’t live within your solution, have integrations that aren’t synched with other platforms, or need expanded reporting & analytics dashboards, LEAP makes it all possible.

The list below is far from comprehensive but highlights core features, functions, and integrations LEAP can unlock for you.

LEAP Improvement Pillars


  • Step-By-Step Instructions
    • (Including In-Environment Screenshots)
  • Daily Maintenance Lists
  • Roadmap Recommendations

Business Process Tools

  • Validation Rules
  • Condition Rules
  • Custom Notifications

Custom Reporting

  • Custom Analytics & Dashboards
  • Schedule Reports & Alerts
  • Advanced Reporting & BIRT

Compliance & Platform Updates

  • State Regulatory Changes:
    • (Compliance Requirements, Absence/Leave Regulations, Benefits Regulations, etc.)
  •  Federal Regulatory Changes:
    • (Reporting, Industry-Specific Regulations, etc.)
  • Wednesday & Friday Change Updates
  • Bi-Annual Workday® Platform Updates

Workday® Enhancements

  • Phase 2 Enhancements:
    • (Benefits, Absence, Time Plans, & More)
  • Onboarding Adjustments:
    • (New Dashboards, Reports, Videos, DocuSign, AdobeSign, & More)
  • Automation Through Integrations
  • New Integration Additions
  • Vendor Management Requirements Gathering