18 LOWER COST-PER-HOUR Compared to Workday® Partners on Average

Consultants Limited to a Maximum Of Two Clients

Each Team Member has an Average of 8 Years of Workday® Experience

Sports and Entertainment Industry

“A trusted partner for [their] clients, which far extends the commitment from a traditional services execution for hire. [They] are invested in the end-to-end relationship & ecosystem of a successful Workday® post-live implementation & lifecycle through their unique ability to extend reach into the Workday® user community at large, as well as bring dedicated & experienced knowledge to the table in order to best serve [their] clients’ interests.”

HR Technology Manager

Sports and Entertainment Industry

Construction Material Manufacturing

“They have the unique ability to find quality difference making candidates that can fit into any organization’s team/culture. Syssero is not trying to simply make a sale, they are honestly looking for what is best for you. It is personal to them that you are happy.”

Director of HRIS

Construction Material Manufacturing

145 Total Workday® Hours

Our team has an Average of 18 Years in HRIS

Manufacturing and aerospace industry

“They provide a realistic assessment & approach to complex problems at our organization. They are my life-line to a successful country deployment. They work diligently at documenting a Workday® playbook for future deployments. They are patient and I have not found a question they are not able to answer.”

Associate Director of Global HRIS

Manufacturing & Aerospace Industry

AMS Support Tickets & Hours Roll Over

“From my initial conversation with their organization I felt a genuine concern for us. They truly care about the work and have been readily available to me after hours, weekends, and holidays. Syssero has been an exceptional business partner.”

Andrea Brewington

Director of Back Office, Aveanna

Offer End-Client Specialists & Custom Documentation

Financial Services Industry

“Our previous WD partner got us into a situation where a couple-week project turned into a 4+ month project. We were running into issue after issue and needed help. Syssero worked with me in the “here & now” and provided us with candidates who didn’t just have experience in the functional area of Workday® we were working on, but who had experience with our exact obstacle.”

HRIS Manager, Financial Services Industry

33 Clients Served