Sean Grogan

Director of Managed Services

Sean has been a Workday® professional for over 7 years as an administrator, analyst, and consultant. He now utilizes all of that experience as Syssero’s Director of Managed Services. Like many Syssero team members, his experience includes a diverse list of industries, including retail services, financial services, and real estate management, among many others. Prior to his Workday® career, he earned an MBA in HRIS from the University of Albany and found a passion for information systems. 

For Syssero, Sean oversees all aspects of system stabilization and enhancement. He remains consistently involved throughout client engagements, regardless of the overall level of system involvement, to ensure all parties are getting the most out of every support ticket and project. 

Sean is passionate about creating transparency in an industry now always known for open communication. Through personal and professional experiences, he knows first-hand how critical clear communication is to success. To that end, he is continuously creating robust documentation that keeps clients informed and capable of getting the most out of their Workday® solution.

In his spare time, Sean enjoys staying active with his wife and their two children. Whether that means hiking in Upstate New York or attending concerts and ballgames, Sean loves spending quality time with his family.

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