Ryan Massie

President & Co-Owner

Ryan joined Syssero following years of leadership in the Emerging Skills division at a multi-billion-dollar staffing organization where he also served as the Recruiting Manager for their national office. His areas of expertise include direct sales, talent identification, business development, and team building.

At Syssero, he leads the sales division, managing a team of recruiters and business development representatives. He is also on the leadership board, collaborating on the strategic vision of the company and vets all new talent joining Syssero’s production department, infrastructure, and sales division. Lastly, he continues to be engaged with new client generation, partnerships, and managing ongoing client relations.

If you’re a new client, Ryan may be your first connection to Syssero or final step in the approval of new works. Either way, Ryan always advocates for the people behind the technology. The topic he’s most passionate about discussing with new prospects is the range of service options available to them in the greater Workday® ecosystem. When Workday Partners keep clients in the dark by transitioning the implementation phase into support phase without educating clients on their greater options, and large staffing firms tout independent experts found on social media sites, Ryan shares with clients the full breadth of options available to them. He advocates for an employee-owned company working exclusively on the Workday® platform, with a production team that has all been end-clients of Workday. Unsurprisingly, his favorite part of the job is the simple act of helping people.

When he’s not growing Syssero, Ryan loves spending time with his wife and two kids, craft brewing, and golfing.

Amateur Craft Brewer

1st Team All-State Golf

Advanced Degree in Fine Arts