Kristie Ramsey

Solution Architect

Workday® Expertise: 7 years / Global Deployments

With 22 years of experience in HRIS, Kristie is an expert in system and business best practices across the Workday® HCM application. She is an end-client specialist having worked through multiple global Workday® implementations into support phases as a full-time employee of the end-client. Kristie has self-designed, configured, and tested various Recruiting and Advanced Compensation implementations.

She transitioned to the consulting realm as a functional configuration resource capable in additional areas of core HCM, Security, Reporting, Absence Management, and Talent/Performance Management. Kristie is an excellent trainer of end-users having been in their shoes for decades. It is due to this unique work history and client perspective that she was offered a key position on the Syssero Inc. team in 2016.

Traveled to 14 Countries

Avid Hiker

Ran a half-marathon a year after my first child was born